Blockchain marketing automation

Build marketing machine around your product or service with help of thousands sales people and blockchain technology.

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We help to build your sales and marketing success

Levelo was designed to help you engage thousend of sales people that will promote and at the end of the day sell your product to a customer.

  • Create rewards that people can complete
  • Pay in Cash, Cryptocurrency or tokens
  • Build a multi-level-marketing structure

Powerful system to manage your marketing campaign

  • Facebook like dashboard for cool communication

    We help to engage people and build communication between people

  • Easy structure building

    You can build a straight line structure or let people to invite their people to the network. Levelo was designed to reward not only people that complete tasks but also their promoters

  • Integrated Facebook like chat

    To build effective community that will support your marketing machine you need to think about communciation. That's why levelo comes with fully operational chat service

  • Customized rewards system

    The number of rewards you can design is limitless.

  • Wide range of scenarios with full automation

    You can build your rewards based on templates that are designed to automate the process of reward distribution and confirmation. Designed to help you build millions of actions daily

  • Rewards intstruction

    Every reward can be described by audio, video, files and text that help to understand the topic from the website. The verification system helps to makes it easy for people

  • Social, Viral of SEM/SEO Marketing is easy

    For example you can generate millions of unique links for your users which are connected to automatic verification system

  • Claims control with AI attached

    You can choose between manual, semi or full automatic verification system that will check the claim or action made by your user and pay the reward directly or with respect to network structure

  • Internal wallet with Blockchain integration

    Every user of your structure will have dedicated wallet where all rewards will be collected and that converted to cash, tokens or cryptocurrency in manual or automatic way

  • Customized system

    You can set the rules of your system in the way you want

  • Payment configuration

    We design it to make it work for all types of currency. You can set the system to pay cash or use automated Blockchain integration that can pay rewards to your users wallet in form of your cryptocurrency or tokens

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  • up to 50 users limit


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  • up to 10,000 users limit

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  • up to 1,000,000 users limit

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