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Imagine you can promote your business with the help of hundreds of thousands of people with minimal effort. What's even better, imagine you can do that without spending a huge amount of money on it. That's why we have created Levelo, marketing acceleration system.

Levelo is an innovative marketing automation system, which allows you to build a network of influencers that will get paid for completing all the tasks you set in your campaign.

We designed that system to help enterprises to promote products or services with the help of individuals who have influence over potential customers. Airing a commercial or advertisement in the popular press has a high cost, conversely promoting products, services, and ideas by thousands of different people to millions of viewers is way more effective with lower marketing cost resulting in way better sales conversion. Levelo can get your posts to go viral.

Designed for

  • Enterprises
  • Financial Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Digital Agencies
  • Political Parties
  • Press agencies
  • FMCG
  • E-Commerce
  • Travel

Imagine 100,000 people posting information about your product on facebook. That's levelo

Different types of campaigns support

Levelo was developed for direct and in-direct marketing campaigns.


Reward people for bringing in new clients, leads, prospects, surveys or whatever you need to succeed


Reward people for spreading awareness via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Twitch or Youtube


Reward people for creating opinion in form of creative comments and opinions around the internet


Reward people for changing the overall perception of a post or an article and trigger emotional engagement

Case studies for different industries

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • PR & Marketing
  • Politics
  • Enterprises
Sell financial products

Make people promote your product for a commission. Embrace the power of Levelo to drive sales of your financial offering. Use this very cost-effective lead generation strategy where you pay solely for performance. Through our fully automated system, engage hundreds of people to sell your products just by providing a link that they share with their networks. All of this while having a full live report on the progress of the campaign and number of potential leads generated.

  • Use recommendation strategy
  • Create influencer from every person
  • Pay only for effects
Sell Insurance policies

Use the recommendation mechanism to sell car insurance. Let people tell others about your offer and pay them a reward for every closed sale. Create awareness around your product and company by rewarding people for writing positive opinions about the quality you offer. Use structured sales, involve your broker partners with their network to sell more.

  • Use structured sales
  • Make salesman from every person
  • Use brokers
  • Pay for positive stories
Your own influencers network

Build your own network of influencers, that will include thousands of people that will be paid for actions set by your agency. Build professional influencers network or involve regular people in your strategy. Add influencer marketing, recommendations, and mood marketing strategy to your multi-channel campaigns.

  • Build your affiliate marketing network
  • Build your influencers network
  • Create a new channel in your offer
Create mood, trend and trust

Involve your supporters and mobilize them. Create an influential team of leaders who can emotionally connect people to your cause and organization. By using mood marketing strategy make people trust a specific subject, person or a party. Pay people rewards for actions connected with your opponents or subject you want the public to be sensitive to.

  • Create a strong supporters system
  • Involve your members in activities
  • Build trust with the help of millions
We can help to sell regular type of products and create awareness around the brand. Make thousands of people talk about your brand in a positive way
We can help to increase sales in your e-commerce shop by helping you engage a large number of people in sales with the use of social media channels
You can build feeling towards a specific travel destination and sell offers through recommendations which are important in the world of leisure and travel
Promote the need for education and educational offer, sell courses through recommendations with the help of other people
Promote and create fashion trends which are connected with your brand name. Connect it with your online shop and let people sell your merchandise.
You can actually use levelo in any type of company that wants to benefit from a recommendation sales and promotion.

Imagine 250,000 people recommend the purchase of your product with a link to your shop. That's levelo

A quick technical overview

  • Network building
  • Unique links
  • Social media
  • Actions
  • Blockchain

People inviting people

Building structure in the system is extremally easy. Every user registered in the system has a unique link. If someone interested to join the network will clicks it and register within 30 days will be assigned to a reffering user and from that day become a part of the user structure. Every user can earn rewards both for self actions or actions made by the person in the structure.
So the system can be flat or structured. If you use a flat strategy that means that all the people registering to the network will be under your company, and there will be no network rewards. In that case people can earn rewards for successfull invitation but no points for the actions made by a user. If your network is set to structure network that you define how deep it can go and create a more suffisticated system, where people can invite other people and earn part of the rewards for every action made by the part of other users.
If you go with structured network than we did everything what we could to make this system easy for wide networks up to 1,000,000 people. It's possible because the networks can see only the down part of the structure and communicate this way. That means that if you invite people to your structure than you can talk only to them, if the guy below you invite people to their structure he can talk only to his structure. You can create different types of users, officers and soldiers.
It's a facebook style communication system. Every structure has a wall where all the people can share their thoughts and exchange motivational thinking. The system was equiped also with multi-purpose chat that helps to talk to other people. Think about that this way. If you are a manager you want to motivate and instruct your employee about the job.
When you set the reward you can configure it in a way you like. It can be simple system, but also it can be a litle bit more complicated. You can set direct, network and refferal points system and choose the points sharing option, so the comission for the reward is calculated dynamically. We provide all types of options that are necessary to create a system that will work for your organization

Unique links for everyone

Every action and every reward is connected with a unique link generated for a user. The links were designed to keep the interest of the person who use it in a strategy called shoot and forget. The end user just need to select a reward he want to use connected with a link and copy it, system will detect the source and actions that needs to be taken. The rewards can be connected with all types od links activity like clicks.
Our unique links system management center allows you to control the link effect. You can set link limits, point them somewhere else if it's necessary, turn them on or off and even set the SEO marks to improve your linking in google
Levelo is equiped with a fraud detection system. The system will detect the clicks that are made from the same computer, network and predict the activities which are not normal. The system will automatically disable the link for a specific period of time

Full social media support

Levelo support all types of social media. Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Medium, twitch and more. With help of our platform your network users can claim for rewards for actions you developed on the platform. For example for posting something on facebook, re-tweeting something or comment an article on medium.
Users can provide a link that our system can be checked. the system also can track the entries and cross-check the data. When claim is entered to the system, our platform capture the screen and analyse it to check if the submission was right with requirments.
The system can work in three modes. Manual, Semo-Automatic and Automatic. When it's set to semi-automatic mode system check and capture all the requests and wait 72 hours for administrators checking. If that will not happen, system will release the rewards. Rewards checking modes can be set not only on a system level but also to a specific reward.
Rewards for offline work

You can not only demend from your network users to promote a link or write posts. You can also allow them to complete an offline tasks which you will pay them a reward for. For example if you want something more creative like, prepare some materials, translate something, write something on a wall in a psychical space you can use actions. People can upload a final effect and get a reward. To make it even more attractive rewards can be limited and reservation can be started. When reservation is started than you need to complete the reward within limited timeframe.

  • Let people complete offline jobs
  • Let them wait for limited actions with reservation
  • Make them to complete the action in a specific place

Built-in Blockchain support

Blockchain technologies and especially token technology can bring a lot of benefits to marketing acceleration ecosysten. Levelo was designed to support token distirbution and handling. With that support you can set levelo to work with your token. Your users can earn not only cash but also your tokens. The token distribution and payments can be manual or automatic. Imagine someone get a reward for a task which is automatically transferred to users wallets
Levelo initially was designed to handle ERC-20 tokens based on ethereum network. Later we added support to different types of wallets allowing to work not only with tokens based on other networks but also with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. We also can provide a blockchain technology which can be implemented only for purpose of specific organization... a private masternode with private token asset
Fintaro provide a set of tools to setup the unique token for your organization which can be distirbuted and collected by members of your network. What you will do with that token later is up to you. You can just pay it to user wallet but also set the monetization strategy and exchange token for cash with support of levelo technology
Sell mortgage loans

Let people to sell your product just by providing a link to their friends. They can copy the unique link in the levelo system and provide it to leads. This can be done by private recommendation or a post on social media or blog. You can work like that with normal people, but also a narrowed influencers who will have a full report of the effect of the campaign. The generated link will be pointed to your initial contact form and that's it. You can increase a number of sold loans with use of thousend of people

  • Use recommendation strategy
  • Create influencer from every person
  • Pay only for effects

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